10-Song full-length album of utterly amazing Thrashing Slavonic Black Metal from Estonia; similar to LUCIFUGUM's "Back To Chopped Down Roots" CD, and recent LUTOMYSL albums!

Pro-printed and pro-manufactured CASSETTE featuring members of REALM OF CARNIVORA and TARM.
Great fidelity with red-hot levels sounding better than most 'major-label' cassettes! limited and handnumbered at 333 copies.

The music of URT is "Fierce Pagan Metal" imagine a mix of old Behemoth, Abigor, Belphegor, Burzum, and Emperor. Sophisticated, Furious and Atmospheric.

URT (the South-Estonian Setu language word for "Death") was formed in 2004, and until now they have recorde a demo, 2 full-length albums and a split with BESTIA. The music is a mix of agressive black and death metal with lot's of atmospheric, pagan and epic passages.

URT - Varjuring