Limited Digifile Edition

HONESTY new album "Can You Feel The Bite Of Life"

HONESTY was formed in 2012 on the ashes of Onesta. The punk / hardcore project, was born between Paris (France) and Belgrade (Yugoslavia) influenced by the New York and European scenes (Ramallah, Biohazard, Sick Of All, Donnybrook, Backtrack, Terror, Barcode, Biohazard ) but also by the hip-hop scene and many activists, artists and philosophers.

Its members played more than 200 shows worldwide with Agnostic Front, Down, Madball, Lagwagon and many more, made several European tours with Backfire! (Netherlands), Billy Club Sandwich (USA), The Boss (Belgium) and an Asian tour with the OVC family.



Honesty - Can You Feel The Bite Of Life