DELIVERANCE is the parallel project of Étienne Sarthou, drummer of Aqme. He has previously participated in another side project under the name of Grymst where he practiced music close to Death Grind.
His new project is a mix of sludge and dark black metal.

The music offered on the six tracks of this '' Chrst '' is based on lines of guitars played in mid-tempo but keeping the melody as does Cult Of Luna and its dark postcore. The use of dissonant chords is well found as on '' Hung Be The Heavens with Black ''.
Overall the titles have a relatively long duration which leaves the listener receptive to his listening and the atmosphere of the 6 tracks is fundamentally black and unhealthy thanks precisely to these heavy and agonizing tempo.
The level of singing is good, marked black, which fully participates in the dark atmosphere of this '' Chrst ''. An opus that distils us a very creepy atmosphere.

This mix between Black Metal and Sludge is a success that places Deliverance in promising French bands.

Listen to a preview HERE

Deliverance - CHRST (Digital)


  • Listen to a preview HERE