Remember: UNHOLY MATRIMONY - Misologie

Extreme & Melodic Black Metal from the genius mind of Vladimir : feel free to listen the full album now on YouTube!

Unholy Matrimony is a Swiss musical entity created in 2000 by Vladimir, in parallel with his other projects - Mirrorthrone and Weeping Birth. The genre performed evolves in a radical Black Metal without concession. The project being lead by one man only, it essentially focuses on the elaboration of studio works. Therefore, no public appearances are planed.

The first album Love & Death was released in March 2002. It offered the first works ever composed by Unholy Matrimony. This album revealed the existence of the project to the world. The interest of this first realization dwells in its aggressive aspect that however leaves plenty of room for melodies.

The creative process of Misologie, the second album, was archived in only two weeks. Its concept articulates around a meditation on various philosophical preoccupations, essentially questioning reason and its conflicting relation that the individual can maintain toward it. Musically, Misologie is the direct continuity of Love & Death, offering eight fast, aggressive, but melodic tracks. This album was released on the French label Melancholia Records in September 2003.

A few years passed without sign of life. The recording of the third full length album Croire, Décroître took place during Summer 2008. The latter presents a radical evolution: losing the melodic aspect, this release sinks into a blackness and a coldness yet unexplored by the band, which go hand in hand with a general tempo slowdown and an increase of atmospheres heaviness. Croire, Décroître was released by the American label Deepsend Records in May 2009.


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