Discover the band NUMENOR

NUMENOR appeared on the Black Metal scene in 2000, first as a side-project, and it is only after a year of mature reflection that N. SANDOVAL, composer and performer of the group, decided to devote himself body and soul to it. In a few months, from January to July 2001, he created four pieces inspired by nature and cold, themes that constitute the founding pillars of NUMENOR's musical and spiritual concepts. Performed and recorded under the aegis of Emperor Xaëlis from August to September 2001, these pieces gave birth to the group's first mini-album. This opus of nearly 30 minutes was published on a Digipack Collector also containing the mini-album of STRAASHA, with which it is associated to constitute a Split-CD revolutionizing the French Black Metal. N.SANDOVAL is currently working on the development of a new album which will be finalized in 2018. It will push to the extreme the major themes dear to NUMENOR.

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