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Founded in 2008, DIKTATUR is a black metal band from the South-West of France and the Basque country. The band draws its inspiration from the concept of the “strong way” (violence, horror, fighting the unbeatable, etc…) where hope dies and death is the only solution.

Late 2010, DIKTATUR self-released its debut album entitled LA VOIE DU SANG (translation: The Way of Blood). The thematic takes place mainly in the context of trench warfare, facing the horror and the
threatening eye of Death. Despite a minimal promotion, the album has been exported to Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway and Thailand.

During 2015, DIKTATUR reveals four new pieces taken from the unfinished outline of the successor of LA VOIE DU SANG and makes it a EP in 2016 : L’AGONIE d’UN MONDE (translation: The Agony Of a World). Once again, the group proves that it is not easy to put a label on their creations and offers us here 4 titles of a perfectly mastered Black Metal with deep and varied atmospheres. L'AGONIE D'UN MONDE depicts in music an unstoppable mechanism, that of a slave-like order (Comme une ombre) and oppressor (L'hérétique), ready to destroy everything to rule over nothing (Par le fer et le feu, L'agonie d'un monde).

Mastered at [X]-LAB STUDIO (The Prisoner, Numenor …) this EP also marks a major turning point for DIKTATUR with several changes of line-up and its entry into the renascent label MELANCHOLIA RECORDS (Orakle, Bornholm, Hecatombic, Numenor, Straasha, Unholy Matrimony, Malefilencia, The Prisoner …).

In 2017, MELANCHOLIA RECORDS and DIKTATUR decide to work on a new version/release of the first band’s album LA VOIE DU SANG. The songs are fully remastered during weeks, the tracklist is modified and 2 additional bonus songs are recorded in order to offer to the public a brand new brutal release!

Do not deceive yourself, under this name which makes him fantasize more than one, DIKTATUR does not support any political or philosophical current. Only music reigns supreme.