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ACKERON is a french metal band, built from the ashes of Blessing Sins by Kamyar Majlessi (Drum) and Adrien Frézal (Guitarist/Composer) in 2012. Strengthened by their musical fusion, they have found Vincent Tempier and Pierre Stein, two new weapons to make ACKERON music as strong and intense as the project had to be.


In the same time, after many years of living and musical sharing with Junior Rodriguez in their studio, he decided to play and record his talented voice. The result of this cohesion is the release of their first album Polarity. As the mix of their influences, with bands like Gojira, Textures, Architects, Soilwork…and many other music styles, they have composed 7 songs, straight in your brain. The result of this mix of musical skills and artistic research has generated a high quality album that can reach all metal lovers.























With Polarity, the band proves that Metal is still a rich and inexhaustible source of emotion. Not linked to a specific style, attached to reveal feeling and power, a music that talk to our body and soul. The lyrics and the music are attached to connect people with ourselves, with the others, with their world. A simple draft of what the world is and what it really important to our eyes.

During the listening of the album, you will be immersed into ACKERON way of life : fell free to let you go inside the music and the lyrics. Don’t forget that music is the most essential art in the life, whatever you are. Due to many others project of all the musicians, ACKERON has suffer from 3 years of lack of time to push the project inside his final form.

In Late 2017, ACKERON helped by MELANCHOLIA RECORDS is finally
ready to connect all the people liking Metal and powerful beyond a limitation of music style.
Be ready to headbang during 33min of their French Metal touch.