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Wednesday 19 June 2019

BURZUM's Drums Cover by THORGIS !

Hey Folks !
Did you checked this Burzum's cover from Thorgis, the Anthlishinda's and Diktatur - Black Metal's Drummer ?
Enjoy !!! yes

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Saturday 9 March 2019

Watch the new Thorgis's Drum cover!

The new Darkthrone Drum Cover from Thorgis (Anthlishinda / Diktatur - Black Metal)

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Diktatur broadcasted on The Shred Shack!

Hey folks !
Find Diktatur - Black Metal in the special episode of The Shred Shack - Heavy Metal Entertainment devil


DIKTATUR - La Voie Du Sang [Special Limited Digipack Edition]

DIKTATUR - La Voie Du Sang [Special Limited Digipack Edition]

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Saturday 8 December 2018


Acronym for "And The Light Shineth in Darkness", this extreme metal band from the Landes (France), founded in 2018 by two of Diktatur's accomplices, is imbued with the heavy atmosphere of the abode of the dead. Vigorously propagating the deep suffering of wandering souls, ANTHLISHINDA builds a bridge from the world of the living to the hereafter.band-big.jpgANTHLISHINDA is scheduled for the third edition of GROFEST alongside Revocation, Archspire, Humanity's Last Breath, Rivers of Nihil, Soreption, Eryn non Dae ... The group will enter [X] - Lab Studio (The Prisoner, Numenor , Straasha ...) with the aim of producing their first EP whose release is expected in 2019 on Melancholia Records.

Sunday 28 October 2012

STRAASHA Biography

  It was in 2000 that STRAASHA's story began, borne by Lord BARTH, a veteran survivor of AD MORTEM in AETERNUM and his symphonic Black Metal.
            Reminiscent of Norse mythologies and the legendary Elric Cycle, it is the mystical interpretation of the voyages and quests of the unknown that are at the source of STRAASHA's inspiration.
It is therefore understandable that he dedicated his first creation to the sea, recounting the quest for Vàrg, a sailor who was looking for the lost soul of his father.
Wishing above all to have an innovative approach and not wanting to make black metal in the spirit of his former bands, Lord BARTH composed in a few months all the pieces of his first opus - traditionnal black metal Traditional in the vein of Norwegian bands - mixed with heavy and folk elements.

            Recorded between September 2001 and February 2002, STRAASHA's first mini-album presents itself as a concept piece of almost half an hour, divided into several chapters and narrating the Epic of the hero and the progression of his quest.

In October 2002, STRAASHA was signed by Melancholia Records.
A mini-album was released in Digipack split-CD shared with NUMENOR.

This Split Digipack is available here on our shop.
At the moment, STRAASHA is working on the development of an upcoming album.

NUMENOR Biography

NUMENOR appeared on the Black Metal scene in 2000, first as a side-project, and it is only after a year of mature reflection that N. SANDOVAL, composer and performer of the group, decided to devote himself body and soul to it.

In a few months, from January to July 2001, he created four pieces inspired by nature and cold, themes that constitute the founding pillars of NUMENOR's musical and spiritual concepts. Performed and recorded under the aegis of Emperor Xaëlis from August to September 2001, these pieces gave birth to the group's first mini-album.

This opus of nearly 30 minutes was published on a Digipack Collector also containing the mini-album of STRAASHA, with which it is associated to constitute a Split-CD revolutionizing the French Black Metal.
N.SANDOVAL is currently working on the development of a new album which will be finalized in 2018. It will push to the extreme the major themes dear to NUMENOR.